5 Travel Writers Share the 5 Things They Can’t Travel Without

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Packing for any trip can be a daunting task, but any seasoned traveller has the essentials down. We asked 5 of our content writers what their 5 travel essentials are. 

Gavi (@gaviweiss)
  1. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask: My skin gets really dull and dry when I fly and this mask brings it back to life! You don’t have to rinse it off, just wipe it, so I’ve even used this in flight (I may have gotten some looks). 
  2. Dry Shampoo Paste from R+Co: I don’t like traveling with too many aerosols or liquids so this dry shampoo paste fits perfectly in my bag and smells amazing, perfect for when my hair needs a quick refresher on the go. 
  3. The perfect playlist: I always make a playlist before any trip, a good mix of new tunes and music to match my destination. 
  4. My camera (Canon EOS T7i): I always take a million pictures when I travel, and sometimes I make travel videos of my trips, so while my iPhone will suffice sometimes, I don’t like traveling without my camera. 
  5. A good pair of jeans: No matter where I’m going and what the weather is, I’ll always bring a pair of jeans that can go with multiple outfits. 

Tal (@tal__israeli)
  1. Laptop: I can’t survive 5 minutes without my laptop and he goes with me everywhere. Unless it’s a very short weekend break, in that case I might leave him home.
  2. Mini Chloe Perfume: always have one in my bag.
  3. Flip flops: ALWAYS with me. Even if it’s a 5 star hotel, there’s no way I’ll take a shower without them.  
  4. The book Eat Pray Love in Spanish (comer rezar amar): it went with me everywhere in the last 3 years, never read past page 10, but for some reason I feel that I can’t travel without it. 
  5. Painkillers: I suffer from migraines, so I always have these just to be on the safe side. 
Mariana (@mariana_baiao.santos)
  1. My skincare bag: I have all my essentials for daily skincare and numerous other tubes and creams for any eventuality, whether it’s mosquito bites or a terrible spot on the middle of my forehead.
  2. A tiny notebook: I like writing notes while travelling, about things I saw or experienced.
  3. At least one book and audiobook: Depending on how long I’m travelling, I’ll bring a few. It’s rare enough to see me without a book, the most when I’m travelling. I enjoy winding down with a book in the hotel room in the evening and there’s no better thing to do on an airplane, right after sleeping of course. Also, for when travelling by car or on a day trip, when I don’t feel like carrying a book around, I always have my headphones and a freshly downloaded audiobook.
  4. My analog camera (Olympus Pen Half Frame): Although I admit I forget it half the time in the hotel…
  5. Comfortable shoes: These are essential for me as I seldom use any other means of transportation rather than my own feet when travelling – there’s no better way to take in a city than walking.

Nicole (@nicoledeslandes)
  1. R&B by Lush Hair Moisturiser: My hair goes crazy and cannot be tamed in humid climates and I can’t stand it. Hair Moisturiser really helps calm it down and at the same time prevent it from going mad when I step outside the air-conditioned hotel (think, that episode with Monica in Friends lol).
  2. A portable phone charger: This is an essential – Not only for when I want to take a picture and find that my phones ran out, but also in case of an emergency and I need directions, a cab, or if I’ve lost my travel buddies and need to call them.
  3. A book: Always! Of course, reading a book on the beach is the best but even on adventure/city excursions there’s always a little bit of sitting and waiting around. Whether it be before a flight, on a train, or if I’ve arrived just a little too early for check-in at my hotel, at least I’ll have something that doesn’t depend on wifi to entertain me for a bit.
  4. Dr. PAWPAW Multipurpose Soothing Balm: For lips, skin, hair, cuticles everything, this vegan balm is my go-to for every little problem. It’s amazing for dry skin/lips and helps soothe insect bites as well. (I also love using this to help style my eyebrows too!)
  5. A Revolut Card: If you don’t know what Revolut is, it’s a prepaid debit card which you can top up through their very handy app. It automatically exchanges money for you (usually at really good exchange rates) and you can use it in every country just as normal. It saves so much hassle taking money out and exchanging it beforehand, especially if I’m travelling to more than one country with different currencies, and also helps immensely with budgeting and keeping my money safe!
Esmé (@esmewharton)
  1. A book (or two!): I generally like to carry my current fiction book as well as a book in Spanish to keep up my language skills and read something different whilst waiting in airports or cafes 
  2. My skincare essentials: lip balm, facial spray and my current favourite product, Glossier Bubblewrap, an eye and lip plumping cream which is great for post-flight hydration 
  3. My journal: as well as a day-to-day journal I also carry a travel journal which I’ve had for the past few years to note down any recommendations and keep a record of my travel experiences 
  4. Film camera: I’ve had my film camera for 6 years now and I take it everywhere I go! There is nothing more exciting than printing an old roll of film when you have holiday blues 
  5. Eye mask: so useful for long- haul flights and taking quick power naps, I now can’t sleep without mine! My eye mask is filled with dried lavender and has a silk lining which feels amazing on the skin and ensures the perfect night’s sleep every time! 

When you’re planning your next post-lockdown trip try packing some of these travel must-haves so you’re pampered and prepared to take on your new adventure (maybe throw some hand sanitizer in there too). 

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