A Day in Kuwait City with Yasmeen



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My name is Yasmeen Al Jalal, I live in Kuwait, famous for its coffee shops and food scene, and I work with Nespresso! I love my city, Kuwait City, because of its size. What you get in this coastal city, once known as the Pearl of the Gulf, is a mix between a growing cosmopolitan city with a lot of entrepreneurial activity and a relatively small local population of 1.4 million.

What is a typical breakfast and where would you go?

A typical breakfast, is a quick one. Close to home, I pass by Arabica in Shuwaikh, order a black coffee and a croissant and sometimes stay to read outside when the weather’s nice and only a few people are around.

Arabica Kuwait | picture credit: @arabica.kuwait


Where is your favourite place to grab lunch?  

Lunch in Kuwait is typically at home with my family. However, on the weekends we usually make our way to OVO in Bneid Al Gar. Some of my favourite dishes at OVO are the Salmon fillet and the mixed lentil salad paired together for a healthy meal.

OVO | picture credit: @ovokwt

What is the ideal afternoon activity in a city like Kuwait City?

During the afternoon, I enjoy spending my time going to the local park or Shaheed Park to walk. Most of our parks in Kuwait have a walkway around the perimeter, where you will find people walking, running and cycling during the afternoon. My personal favourite park is the 2nd phase of Shaheed Park where you can see the whole skyline of the downtown area.

Shaheed Park | picture by Yasmeen

Where are the best places for dinner?

My sister and I are huge fans of Japanese food, and with that being said, White Robata at Jaber Al Ahmed Cultural Center or JACC has the best selection of nigiris as well as great salads. Another great place, is Barba. This local pizza place, opened up in Shuwaikh in a garage/warehouse setting by the same owners of Solo Pizza, hugely popular Neapolitan pizza. However, Barba perfects the thin-crispy pizza on the go.

White Robata | picture credit: @whiterobata

In the evening, what is the city like and where do you find yourself?

In the evening, the city is busy! Shuwaikh and the downtown area are full of people. I enjoy going to the cinema, bowling, or having dinner with friends.

In a busy city like Kuwait City, is there anywhere to chill?

There are many places to chill and have coffee and read. I like to head over to Jumo at Bait Alsadu by the Gulf road for a cup of coffee. It has the best traditional atmosphere. During the winter time, dinner at Baker and Spice by the marina in Souq Sharq is probably the best place to chill in the city.

Baker and Spice | picture credit: @bakerandspicekw

What is there to do for something fun and different? 

What I look forward to all year-round is the program of the Opera at JACC. They usually host a variety of local and international events such as the ballet show Giselle by visiting Teatro alla Scala.


What season would you recommend visiting?

The best time to visit Kuwait would definitely be during the winter from November to February/March.


Is Kuwait City best for a family holiday/ friends holiday or couple holiday?

Kuwait is a great family and friends destination. However, it would be better to know a resident to show you around the city properly!

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