A Day in London with Alina



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My name is Alina (@kronovalina)I’m originally from a small town called Surgut in Russia but I’ve lived mostly in London. I’m studying Fashion Marketing at UAL. 

What is a typical breakfast and where would you go?

I and not a person who loves having breakfast somewhere unless I’m on holidays and it’s an hotel. However, I have a Gail’s Bakery close to my place, so when I’m not too lazy I love getting their oat milk cappuccino and a pecan and maple syrup scone which is my favourite. I usually heat it up and put a bit of salty butter on it – it’s delicious!

Gail’s Bakery | picture credit: @gailsbakery

Where is your favourite place to grab lunch?

Depends on where I am around the city, but if I’m not far away from Harrods I love going to their new food hall. Italian there is especially great because of the truffle pasta, which is to die for. I also like the Grill section which offers amazing burgers with truffle cheese! Give me anything with truffle and I’m happy!

Harrods Food Hall | picture credit: @harrodsfood

What is the ideal afternoon activity in a city like London?

The ideal afternoon activity, especially if you’re in London for the first time is a double decker bus, skip the sightseeing one and take routes 9, 73, 24 or 11 to experience different parts of the city. It is so nice sitting there on the top floor watching around and enjoying London. If London is not new for you and you love food, I suggest Borough Market. Amazing and super instagramable place with very tasty food. 

Borough Market | picture credit: @boroughmarket

What are the best places for dinner?

When I think about dinner, it always depends on the company. If you like buzzing places, then restaurants from Big Mama Group all are perfect, I mean they have truffle almost everywhere and it’s not too expensive in comparison to other places that have the same range of food such as Novikov Italian. Another place which I absolutely love is Brasserie of Light in Selfridges. It not only has a great menu but beautify interior: a Pegasus made out of thousands and thousands of crystals and pink marble toilets full of mirrors- those are the insta worthy shots. Also the bread there is a MUST!

Gloria Trattoria | picture credit: @kronovalina

In the evening, what is the city like and where do you find yourself?

In summer London is always super busy, I love it, especially in the evening when it’s not that hot, and it’s just perfect weather. Strolling along the riverside with your friends and couple of bottles of wine is so nice, and then going to any club in soho or a “secret” but not so secret (as it is packed) tequila bar – sorry can’t give it away… 

picture credit: @kronovalina

In a busy city like London, is there anything to chill?

I think it is easy to find yourself sitting or laying on the grass in Hyde park to chill for a moment, but there are always so many different galleries and exhibitions opening every month so you can chill on any of them and still enjoy the art. 

What is there to do for something fun and different?

Me and one of my friends loooove competing with each other, so we always go to places with activities such as mini golf, bowling and darts (all of them around Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush) – but there are lots of these activity bars around town, such as Swingers. It is very fun, although I lose every time… (check out our piece about activity bars in London here)!

Swingers Crazy Golf | picture credit: @swingersldn

What season do you recommend visiting?

I recommend end of Spring/beginning of Summer. And of course before Christmas and New Year for Winter Wonderland (hot dogs and mulled wine is the best thing after a scary ride!) 

Is London best for family holiday/friends holiday or couple holiday?

I love this city a lot. For couples I would definitely suggest it as it has so many romantic places, but be warned London is expensive. For families, there are lots of museums with interactive activities for children and for friends the nightlife can also be very fun.

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