A Day in Madison WI with Madison



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Hi, my name is Madison (@madisonsfootsteps, blog), I was born in Chicago IL and raised in Madison, WI. I work remotely as a Virtual Assistant and am also a content creator and a social media micro-influencer.

I love my city because it’s where I grew up and I know it better than anywhere else. I also like the fact that there are a lot of down to earth, genuine people living in Madison.

A little about me…my favorite things include handwritten menus, rooftop bars and both starting and ending my day with a strong, Italian espresso (I’m an Italian girl at heart). I have a slight addiction to both Family Guy and crime shows (a weird combo, I know). I spend my days snuggling my sweet and whiny chocolate lab named Vinny and am counting down the days (and the numbers in my bank account) until I can pack up and move out West for my next adventure.

What is a typical breakfast and where would you go?

I normally don’t eat breakfast, but if I’m treating myself I would go for a bagel & lox from Gotham Bagels or a sausage, egg and cheese pastry from Teddywedgers!

Gotham Bagels

Where is your favourite place to grab lunch?

That’s a hard question…if it’s a quick lunch, definitely a sushi burrito from Poke it Up downtown. If it’s a sit down lunch, I’d have to go with Short Stack.

Poke it up

What is the ideal afternoon activity in a city like Madison, WI

My favorite thing to do in Madison is spend an afternoon drinking Wisconsin beer on the Mendota Terrace. The Terrace is known for their iconic orange, yellow and green chairs! It’s right on the lake and a beautiful place to watch the sunset and listen to live music.

Mendota terrace

Where are the best places for dinner?

In my opinion, the absolute best restaurant in Madison is Naples15. Their chef is from Naples and makes authentic Neapolitan pizza! Cento is another great one for Italian food and my favorite sushi in the city comes from Red Sushi.

In the evening, what is the city like and where do you find yourself?

I love going out on Madison’s bar scene! We have a ton of fun bars downtown. If you’re in college or looking for a younger crowd, I would suggest Danny’s Pub, UU or the KK. If you’re looking for more of a chill night, definitely check out Madison’s Piano Bar.

In a busy city like Madison, WI, is there anywhere to chill?

To unwind in the summer, I love renting kayaks on Lake Mendota.

Lake Mendota

What is there to do for something fun and different?

I would definitely suggest a trip to the Saturday morning Farmers Market! They set it up around the square, with the Capitol Building in the center. The perfect place to spend a morning in Madison. Definitely buy some fresh cheese curds, Stella’s spicy cheese bread, honey sticks and spicy dilly (green) beans.

Farmers Market Square

Where is the best area to stay/sleep for young travellers?

Definitely stay downtown on campus! The Graduate is a fun hotel in the center of campus with a rooftop bar/restaurant.

What season would you recommend visiting?

100% summer. Wisconsin winters are BRUTAL.

Is Madison WI, best for a family holiday/friends holiday or couple holiday?

Best for a friends trip! We have lots of yummy restaurants and cool, local breweries.

Places covered in the article
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