A day in Mexico City with Liz



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I’m Liz, I’m 27 years old, I did Fashion Communication degree in London and I recently moved back to live in Mexico City. I now work with an artisan brand on hand with a NGO that supports the livelihoods of marginalised indigenous women.

What is a typical breakfast and where would you go?

We usually have savoury breakfast in Mexico. That could be scrambled eggs, omelette, chilaquiles, enchiladas, even meat (especially on weekends). Though we would start with a pastry and/or a plate of fruits and then the savoury plate. My favourite place to have breakfast is El Cardenal. There are different branches, but I like the one on La Paz Street.

Reforma – one of the most iconic streets in Mexico

Favourite place to grab lunch?

I like the restaurant Eno if I’m looking for some stylish Mexican food without being that posh. They have nice vegetarian and vegan options. 

Otherwise, we have these humble laid-back types of restaurants that we call ‘fondas’ or ‘fonditas’ and they’re super economic, serving comida casera – homey food. They offer ‘comida corrida’ which is the equivalent of a ‘set menu’, which includes, usually, a starter of rice or spaghetti, followed by a soup of the day and then the main dish. It also includes  a small dessert and agua fresca – fruity fresh water. Prices are from $60 to $120 Mexican pesos approx.

What is the ideal afternoon activity in a city like Mexico City?

Grab a bike and explore the city centre, La Condesa, La Roma, Reforma. And go to some of the many museums we have. Otherwise, go to Coyoacan to visit Frida Kahlo’s house and walk around the hood, and try some elotes/esquites and churros and ice creams. There are also some bars with nice mezcal options

Reforma Street

Where are the best places for dinner?

The restaurant Blanco Colima, or any other restaurant that is in the hoods of La Roma and Condesa. They have tons of different options.

In a busy city like Mexico City, is there anywhere to chill?

I would go to the park Chapultepec, or close to Santa Fe (another hood of Mexico) there’s a nice forest to go jogging or just to wonder around.

A typical Mexican Market

What is there to do for something fun and different?

Rent a boat in the tiny lake in Chapultepec park, go to climb/bouldering. Short trips outside Mexico City, you could go to Valle the Bravo, there’s a lake surrounded by a forest and you can do water ski and paragliding, also visit the Monarca Butterfly Sanctuary (November – March only). Another trip is to Nevado de Toluca and go hiking on the inactive volcano.

Parque Chapultepec

In the evening, what is the city like and where do you find yourself?

I will be in la Condesa or Roma at any of the bars. There are so many!

La Conesa neighbourhood– On the corner is a famous churro place: Churros El Moro

Where is the best area to stay/sleep for young travellers?

Coyoacan, Condesa or Roma

Camino Real Hotel entrance,designed by architect Ricardo Legorreta

What season would you recommend visiting?

Any really. Weather is good all year long. Just during summer months there are heavy rains. April and May are the hottest months, usually.

Is Mexico City best for a family holiday/friends holiday or a couples holiday?

Couples and friends. Family could be but Mexico City is not a super safe city, so travelling with kids can be a bit stressing for safety reasons.

Places covered in the article
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