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Introducing one of our lovely New York locals, Summer (@summrtstassen) who has lived in Williamsburg, New York for 6 months. We caught up with Summer and she has kindly given us a local insight on where the best places to eat, chill and have fun are at. This way, all the hit or miss places have been filtered out especially for you, so take note.

What is a typical breakfast and where would you go?

NYC is the BEST place for breakfast! You’re spoilt for choice really. As I was living in Williamsburg myself, Williamsburg and Greenpoint were my favourite areas to go and grab breakfast. Some of my favourite spots are: Sunday in Brooklyn, Five Leaves, Sauvage, Café Colette, Juliette, 12 Chairs, Egg and Loosie Rouge. To satisfy my sweet tooth I’d always order the delicious French toast @ Loosie Rouge. For a coffee I’d go to Partners Coffee (formerly Toby’s Estate) or Blue Bottle.

What is your favourite place to grab lunch?

Lunch would have to be Café Mogador (they’ve got some nice tables outside as well) or 12 Chairs, an Israeli café that offers the most authentic Israeli cuisine in NY. Any breakfast places are great for lunch as well! Order the grilled cheese & tomato soup combo at Café Colette.

Caffe Collete


What is the ideal afternoon activity in a city like NY?

Rooftops, rooftops, rooftops! What would an NYC spring afternoon be without them?! Some of my favourites are The William Vale and the Williamsburg Hotel as you get to see the most amazing skyline whilst sipping on a margarita.

The William Vale


Where its best to have dinner?

I would have to say La Esquina in SoHo, this iconic, secret “not so secret” restaurant in the basement of a Mexican corner deli is not to be missed. Don’t  forget to try out the corn on the cob paired with one of their margaritas. A great Mexican cuisine alternative is La Superior in Williamsburg.

NYC has great Italian food as well. My favourite pizzeria is located in Bushwick, called Roberta’s. Trust me…the pizzas are worth the wait! Another great Italian sot is Aurora in Williamsburg.

If you’re craving Chinese food I’d recommend Pinch in SoHo and for authentic and delicious Korean BBQ go to Dokebi in Williamsburg. Some of the best sushi I’ve had was at Bozu in Williamsburg…the unexpected combos are surprisingly amazing, and you get value for your money for sure.

And finally, Miss Lily’s for the best NY Caribbean dinner.

In the evening, what is the city like and where do you find yourself?

NYC would be the one city in the world where there’s ALWAYS something going on. Gigs, pop-ups, speakeasies, you name it. For a chill night I’d usually check out a gig at Baby’s All Right in South Williamsburg or have a drink at Kind Regards in SoHo (there’s great DJ’s there too).

Freehold in Williamsburg has this most amazing bar-club combo where you can easily spend half of your day without getting bored. The rooftops mentioned before are great for evenings too. And always make sure to check out what is going on that week in NYC!

Caffe Colle

In a busy city like NY, is there anywhere to chill?

Favourite place to chill would have to be Domino Park on Kent Ave, near the Williamsburg bridge. The park is rather small, it isn’t as packed and busy as Central Park, plus you get to enjoy a taco from Tacocina whilst looking over the river!

The View from Domino Park

What is there to do for something fun and different?

Karaoke in K-town is the best and never fails to entertain you and your friends. Karaoke city, 5 bar, Chorus and Gagopa are my favourites.

Coming back to the previous point, K-town has amazing spas where you can relax all day if you want to escape the loud and busy city for a bit. I also love the interactive play “No Sleep” for something fun and different.

Where is the best area to stay/sleep for young travellers?

I’d definitely say Brooklyn, pricewise and because it’s close enough to the city. Make sure you’re near a subway station if you’re planning on going to the city often. Closest to the city are Greenpoint and Williamsburg, but if you don’t mind travelling a bit further: Bushwick is great for creatives and Brooklyn Heights has the most beautiful typical cobblestones and parks.

Hotels I’d recommend staying at would be 1 Hotel, Public Hotel, William Vale, Wythe Hotel, Williamsburg Hotel, McCarren and The Mercer (these are all more upscale options tho)

What season would you recommend visiting?

Spring! It’s boiling in Summer and there’s mad snowstorms in Winter. If you’d like to enjoy NYC’s rooftops, parks and outside events, I’d definitely say spring.

Is New York best for family holiday/friends holiday/couple holiday?

New York has something for everyone! It’s a very kid friendly city but at the same time it’s also the city that never sleeps. It can be very romantic, and you will never ever have to be bored. So….take anyone you like really!

To add: I’m THE BIGGEST matcha lover. For the best matcha in town I’d like to recommend Cha Cha Matcha or Taiyaki NYC.

Cha Cha Matcha


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