A day in Paris with Zoë



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My name is Zoë Chrysostom (@zoe.chrys) . I have been studying Fashion Business at London College of Fashion for the past 4 years. I was born in Paris, left when I was 9 months old but often come back to see my father there. Later, in 2019, I interned in Paris for 6 months.

What is a typical breakfast and where would you go?

At home, a typical breakfast involves viennoiseries (pain au chocolat, croissant, brioches), bread, jam, butter, hot chocolate, coffee and orange juice.

When going out, I still want good viennoiseries but seek for cafés that offer more sophisticated dishes. In Paris, I like going to Rose Bakery which is right in the middle of the 9th arrondissement, very familial and peaceful, with character. Rose bakery has amazing quiche, pancakes and granola.

Hardware Society is another really good one located in the cute little houses of Montmartre. There’s always a queue, which proves its success! Pain perdu, langoustine burger, compote de pomme… all to die for.

Hardware Society

Favourite place to grab lunch?

Grab lunch at Maison Plisson or Mar’co in the 1st arrondissement. They offer typical small, refined French dishes, with AMAZING desserts. Mar’co’s concept is really cool, they source their desserts from renown chefs/patisseries.

By the way, desserts are key to every French menu. Basically, if the restaurant doesn’t offer amazing desserts, I don’t even bother going back aha.

Another cute restaurant is Papille in the 7ème arrondissement. They have one set menu for all, so the food tastes really good. It’s a typical Parisian interior which adds a sort of friendly atmosphere to it.

Le Papille

What is the ideal afternoon activity in a city like Paris?

This combination is Parisians’ favourite afternoon: friends + terraces + sun + rose/white wine/beer + smoke + long conversations (+ planche). Planche = plate of cheese, ham, bread.

Otherwise, I would always go to galleries or shops in Le Marais, such as galerie OFR (a must do) or museums such as Centre Pompidou and Palais de Tokyo.

I used to always go to Le Bon Marché in the 6th arrondissement – a very elegant shopping centre that is owned by LVMH and that has a very good restaurant

Where are the best places for dinner?

Dinner would be nice in the upper part of Paris (18th, 9th, 10th arrondissement). The Hotel Particulier is a restaurant and lounge in a hidden house which belonged to the Hermes family back then, it’s beautiful and perfect for a date.

The Hotel Particulier

In the evening, what is the city like and where do you find yourself?

What’s cool with Paris is that although it’s small, there are quite a few neighbourhoods in which to go out. In the 7th arrondissement near the river there are several cool bars and a very famous techno club called FAUST. That area is a little bit for the chic people. For a more casual and spontaneous night, the Quartier Latin is good for music and bar-hopping.

A lot of French people like techno music so you’ll find many techno clubs. The true house fans go to Café Barge – a club on a boat and outside the boat in the 12th arrondissement (my best summer nights have been there).

In a busy city like Paris, is there anywhere to chill?

Best places to chills would be in the 19th arrondissement near the river. There are many cafes that have big terraces, including Pavillon des Canaux. Another chill place is a rooftop in the 11th arrondissement, Le Perchoir, from which you can see all of Paris.

I used to always study at The Hoxton, which has an interior court, at La Bonne Nouvelle.

Le Perchoir Views

Where is the best area to stay/sleep for young travellers?

Best areas to stay for young travellers would be in Le Marais (trendy/artsy/new designer boutiques/ Picasso museum) or Quartier Latin (music/bars/ambiance).

What season would you recommend visiting?

I recommend visiting in Winter and Spring. During the summer it’s just too hot and not enjoyable – but that’s my point of view.

Is Paris best for a family holiday/friends holiday or a couples holiday?

Paris is best for friends and couples holidays. So many shops, restaurants, museums, monuments and clubs to go to. Basically, the best thing to do in Paris is walking. The architecture is so beautiful it makes you smile every time you step outside.

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