A day in Tel Aviv with Sahar



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My name is Sahar Sam Hoffbrand (@saharhoff), I’m 26-years-old and from Tel Aviv. I live in Kerem Hatemanim which is a cool neighbourhood near the beach. I love this neighbourhood as there’s a market (called Shock Hacarmel) and some amazing coffee shops!

What is a typical breakfast and where would you go?

The typical Israeli breakfast includes eggs with a side salad, cheese platter and a fresh juice. My favourite breakfast is at Cafe Cucu, it’s in a small boutique hotel near Dizengoff circle and it’s well priced.

Cafe Cucu | Picture credit: @cafe.cucu

Where is your favourite place to grab lunch?

If you want to try a lot of small dishes go to Shuk Hacarmel, they have a lot of street food there and my favorite is M25 which is great for meat lovers.

If I want a sit-down meal and I’m feeling hungry, Ha’Achim is the best. It’s a typical Israeli food, suitable for vegans/veg as well and you can never go wrong if you go there!

Ha’Achim | Picture credit: @mollygaller

What is the ideal afternoon activity in a city like Tel Aviv?

In the summer hanging on the beach until sunset with a beer or two is ideal. In winter time there’s a lot of happy hours; My favourites are in the same street called Nahalat Binyamin: Nordinyo , Bushwick and Bicicletta.


Where are the best places for dinner?

Tel Aviv is known for its high-end restaurants. The best one in Tel Aviv is Taizu, a Southeast Asian restaurant with the best sharing menu. Pronto has the best Italian food in the city and also Claro if you want to try some local but sophisticated food, I love this place.


In a busy city like Tel Aviv, is there anywhere to chill?

There are few places to chill in the city center. My favorite is Trumpeldor beach, but if you want some peace and quiet then there is Yarkon Park where you can just chill by the river.

Trumpeldor Beach

What is there to do for something fun and different?

Like most major cities you can take a bicycle or a scooter and travel all over the city, and the roads are very comfortable to use.

In the evening, what is the city like and where do you find yourself?

There’s a lot of pubs and dance bars in Tel Aviv, if I just want to grab a beer with a friend, I’ll go to Dizengoff street or Ibn Gabirol street. If I want to go clubbing, I’ll go to Drama Club or The Radio near Rothschild Boulevard.

Where is the best area to stay/sleep for young travellers?

If you want to be in a walking distance from all the great thing you have in Tel Aviv, I’d recommend to stay in Abraham Hostel or basically anywhere near Rothschild Boulevard which is a great location to stay in an Airbnb or nice Boutique Hotel.

What season would you recommend visiting Tel Aviv?

The greatest time to be in Tel Aviv is the Summer! So, between May and September, where you’ll have the best weather, you can enjoy the beach and the rooftop parties Tel Aviv has to offer.

Tel Aviv’s Sky line

Is Tel Aviv best for a family holiday/friends holiday or a couples holiday?

I think Tel Aviv has a young vibe. So, couples and groups of friends will enjoy it best.

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