A day in Tel Aviv with Tal



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Hi guys, my name is Tal (@tal__israeli) and I’m originally from Israel. I’m from a small town around 30 mins from Tel Aviv but ever since I was 16, I spent most nights out in the big city. I moved to London 5 years ago, but I am always finding myself back, visiting Tel Aviv. I love it, especially because all my friends have moved into the city now, so I feel really lucky to be able to head back and see them whenever I want. Tel Aviv is the BEST city in the world. It’s just so much fun and there is so much to do all the time, and I haven’t  even start talking about the food…

Ho yes, and I’m also the founder of DBAS, and I can’t wait to share with you my personal recommendations across my favourite city.

What is a typical breakfast and where would you go?

Israeli breakfast is just the best breakfast. It’s so rich. You can find on the table tons of different salads and dips, eggs (or vegan omelette) and some fresh bread. I think Israeli breakfast is the most recognisable Israeli food and it fills you up for the rest of the day. Tel Aviv is just full of amazing places to enjoy your most important meal of the day (it really is! Especially after you try an Israeli one). For a fun morning with my friends I would go to Bucke Cafe , Delicatessenor to the flea market in Jaffa where you can eat in so many different places, but my personal favourite is Pua.

If I’m with my family or in a fancy mood I would go to Hotel Montefiore – super French style place with a very chic breakfast. Pro tip- sit outside. Hotel Montefiore is also the BEST place for wine and cheese on a hot summers day when the sun goes down. FYI- book a table.

On special occasions, I would go to the Norman. Here you can find a very cute buffet full of goodies. You can choose a dish from the menu and also eat as much as you want from the counter. It’s quite expensive (around 180 Israeli Shekels / £40) but worth every penny. Before going you must book a table, and ask to be seated outside, which is much nicer in my opinion.

On a weekend, go to Ha’achim. They have the ultimate Israeli all you can eat brunch. Their breakfast is so rich and delicious that you simply can’t stop. And they serve, probably, the best challah in town (google it if you don’t know what it is, but it’s simply the best bread you will ever eat.). the price is fair, about 100 Israeli shekels which are £20.


Where is your favourite place to grab lunch?

The street food in Tel Aviv is just the best! For a cool & chilled place I would go to Pua in Jaffa Flea Market. They serve a mix of Israeli food and it is all just so yummy ! I would recommend sitting outside (if it’s not too hot) to enjoy the best relaxation. Another place in Jaffa Flea Market is Shaffa, which serves quite a similar cuisine to Pua, so just go for where you can find a table. These places are 2 mins from each other.

Top tip: there is nothing more enjoyable than going around the market on a Friday morning and having a good lunch at one of these places. After lunch you can have a short walk to the beach (10 mins) and enjoy the lovely weather Tel Aviv has to offer.

If you feel like staying In the city centre, I would go to Miznon, where you can get anything inside a pitta (the best ever Israeli bread, yes I know I said Challa is but I can’t choose! Don’t judge me).it goes from meat to fish, and the veggie version is just the best! – cauliflower inside a pita.

For a late lunch/ cake & coffee I would go to Lachmanina in Habima, where you can enjoy the best Halva & Chocolate pastry and a very good coffee! You are welcome.


What is the ideal afternoon activity in a city like Tel Aviv?

My ideal afternoon includes sun, cheese & wine. The BEST place for that is Hotel Montifiorie, where you can sit on the balcony (book a table, they have only 6 tables outside!) and enjoy the sunset. My favourite day to do it is Saturday, so be sure to find me there if I happen to be in Israel!

Another option is to go to one of the happy hours that the city has to offer like in Bushwick or Cicchetti.

If you are craving ice-cream- Anita is your place!


Where are the best places for dinner?

This is a hard one! The city offers so many good places.

For a special occasion or if you want to treat yourself, I would go to Tai Zu, the best restaurant in town for the last few years. They serve Asian food and it’s so delicious so go hungry! If you are Indian food lovers (like me) make sure to go on a Sunday eve, where you pay about £50 p/p, and the waiter will build you a menu based on what you like. Again- If I’m home, there is not a single Sunday that you won’t find me here. (booking is required).

If you are with friends, I would go to one of Eyal Shani’s restaurants (he is the chef of Miznon – one of my lunch recommendations). In his places you are going to find hype Tel Avivians, eating Israeli food (all to be shared) and drinking. His restaurants also open until late (3/4am EVERY DAY) so whenever you are hungry just pop to one of them: Port Said, Romano & North Abraxas (the fancier version).

Another restaurant of his is called Hasalon, where you need to book at least a month in advanced (make sure to book for the second round). It’s VERY expensive but after dinner it becomes a club and it’s the best fun night you will ever have!

Tai Zu


In the evening, what is the city like and where do you find yourself?

Tel Aviv, like NY, is the city that never sleeps. I’d recommend heading to Rotchild street if you are in a party mood and looking for a dance bar (ZooZoo for example), Dizingof street if you want to chill with a beer in one of the bars with street sitting or, Nachalat Benyamin. There are so many good places around so just choose one.

If you love techno, I’d recommend The Breakfast Club which is located at the very end of Rotchild street. Another fun place is Sputnik (just off Rotchild street) to have a good vibes night with your friends.

As I said, Tel Aviv is the city that never sleeps so after a night out you will find out that all the restaurants are still open (yes, even at 5am) so just grab something to eat.

Top tip: order night cookies (even if you are sitting on the street edge) for the best melting cookies you will ever try! (even their vegan ones are incredible)

In a busy city like Tel Aviv, is there anywhere to chill?

Yes! Just go to the beach and chill out with a cold beer.

Tel Aviv’s skyline

Where is the best place to stay/sleep for young travellers?

Tel-Aviv is a small city so it’s really easy to walk around / rent a scooter. I would say it’s best stay in the city centre. So, if you are in the Dizingoff / Rotchild area and you wouldbe fine !

Tel Aviv is a small city so it’s really easy to walk around, and you can even rent a scooter. I would say it’s best to stay in the city centre, and if you’re in the Dizingoff / Rotchild area you’ll be fine!

What season would you recommend visiting?

The city gets really hot during summer and loses its charm during Winter. I would recommend visiting in June / September.

Is Tel Aviv best for a family holiday/friends holiday or couple holiday?

Tel Aviv is a city of pure joy of fun! I would recommend coming with your friends for the ultimate beach-food-clubbing combo!

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