Esmé Wharton

Esmé Wharton

Editor & Content Writer

My name is Esmé, I’m 21 and am currently living in Madrid for my university Year Abroad. Having lived abroad my whole life I’ve definitely caught the travel bug from a young age… I am always planning my next trip whether that’s a city break in Spain or a backpacking trip round South America! I am always on the hunt for the latest art exhibitions in my favourite cities, and at home I split my time between living in the UK and Holland, so between London and Amsterdam I definitely get my fix of art, culture and delicious food! 

What city represents you the best?

The city that best represents me is The Hague, Netherlands, as it is where I lived most of my childhood and I have definitely absorbed their relaxed culture and fallen in love with their beautiful architecture. 

Can you share your secret Wishlist with us? 

Top of my wish list to visit is: Vietnam, Cuba, Copenhagen, Morocco and Mexico. 

What is the first thing you do when you visit a new city? 

The first thing I do when I visit a new city is take to Instagram to find the best brunch spots- I have an ongoing list of the best avocado toast in every city I’ve been to! 

What is your favourite place in the world?

My favourite place I have ever visited has to be Sri Lanka- it has the most amazing variation of cities, beaches and safari parks that you feel like you’re in a different country each place you visit! My favourite place was Kandalama as it felt so peaceful to be tucked away in the beautiful forests of Dambulla. 

What vacation type is your favourite? (City break, back or adventure) 

I would definitely choose city breaks as my favourite type of holiday, as I love seeing a city in a few days and filling up my time hopping from brunch spots to galleries and ending the day at a rooftop bar- but bonus points if there’s also a beach I can relax at like in Barcelona!