Mariana Baião Santos

Mariana Baião Santos

Editor & Content Writer

Hey! Mariana here, all the way from Portugal to London, life turned upside-down from a small decision about taking a one-way flight. Having gone from the the bohemian life of an artist studying Fine Arts in Lisbon to the busy working bee life, trying to catch a breath through the bustling world of Fashion press and media. She says to herself: couldn’t be happier. While not running around the city (favourite pastime), you can find me doing one of these three: losing myself on a book at home – please do not find me there; eating my way through town – give me ‘everything’ tapas and a glass of wine on the side or window shopping – I call it personal research.


What city represents you the best?

I’m just going to be predictable and basic, but still honest: there’s no way of denying it, I am Lisbon and Lisbon is myself (she knows it – yes, it’s a she and should be treated like a lady). I am a mixture of the tradition of Portuguese culture and the cool artsy and alternative new vibe the city has adopted in the past few years (yes, I’m self-entitling myself cool – so not cool).


Can you share your secret Wishlist with us? 

On the top of my list is definitely Peru in particular and South America in general. Having lived in São Paulo, Brazil while I was a child, something about that side of the world stuck with me and I am craving it desperately again. On a more short-term goal, I am in dire need of checking Germany out of my European travel map.


What is your favourite place in the world?

It is hard for me to choose one. If I’d have to choose I place I would love to go back to multiple times, I might say Barcelona. If it would be a place that excites me and that I would love to live in, I’d say New York and if we’re talking about most memorable experiences, Japan, no doubt.

What vacation type is your favourite? (City break, back or adventure) 

If possible a mixture of a city break with the beach. You won’t see me anytime soon backpacking or trying to build a tent while hiking in the mountains. I need my injection of culture in a cosmopolitan environment, you won’t find me long away from a city, I live from the buzz. On the other hand, having grown up in Portugal a day without sun is like a salad detox for me, (welcome to London btw) so warm weather and the beach is not something I can forgo for a long time.