Nicole Deslandes

Nicole Deslandes

Editor & Content Writer

I’m Nicole Deslandes and I’m a writer for Hynt! I grew up in a little bit of a grey area between South London and Surrey, meaning I quite often switch up being in a bar in Brixton to a cosy country pub. Ever since I got an Oyster card as a teenager I found myself gravitating more towards the city with my friends. I love the buzz, being around trendy Londoners and the fact that there is always something new to discover.

I’m definitely a beach baby at heart, I grew up mainly only going on beach holidays all along the Mediterranean. However, I knew as soon as I left school that the first thing I was going to do was work really hard, save up and venture out of Europe and travel as much as I could. Ever since, I’ve been around North American cities from New York, Toronto and Chicago to Vancouver, Seattle and LA! I’ve made some footsteps around Asia, seeing cultural must-dos like Angkor Wat to travelling around Japan, South Korea and all the travel hot spots like Bali, Thailand and Cambodia. I love Europe and I feel lucky to be able to go on city breaks like Amsterdam and try out amazing pasta in Sicily as well.


What city represents you the best?

Milan, because it’s a young city, that is interested in fashion, art and culture. It balances work and play, keeps to its roots but is also open to new opportunities. A great lover of pizza, pasta, wine and being in a warm climate.


Can you share your secret Wishlist with us? 

I am really eager to visit more of North and South America. I want to go to Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and even Easter Island. 

Also on top of my travel list is Northern Europe. I love fashionable Copenhagen and I’m desperate to go there for a shopping weekend.

What is the first thing you do when you visit a new city?

I am quite guilty of doing my research and deciding before I am even in a city where I want to eat and where I want to visit. Saying that, I don’t stick to a strict itinerary and what is most important to me is finding the cool neighbourhoods/streets and playing it by ear from there! I think this is where you can have the most fun and find cool places that aren’t so well known.  

What is your favourite place in the world?

South Korea for sure. I desperately want to go back, nowhere has made me feel so at ease for such an differing culture to what I’m used to. I love Korean Barbeques and the novelty of cooking at your own table. Seoul is full of Korean fried chicken and beer places, and the chicken wings I’ve eaten there are genuinely the best I’ve ever had. I love the culture, the clean new city of Seoul and the amazing mountainous landscapes of South Korea! The fashion and art scene is always a step ahead of everywhere else and South Koreans are not afraid to try new things. I’m literally always talking about it.

What vacation type is your favourite? (City break, back or adventure)

This is so difficult. At heart, I love beach holidays and consider them a bit of a necessity every once in a while. Vitamin D, good food, a swim in the sea is what I crave all the time. I love city breaks as a chance to experience a new culture. It is easy to throw yourself into the deep end in cities and there is always so much to see and do. However, adventure trips are a great way to get involved and learn new things, whether it be historic like spending a few days going around the different temples in Angkor Wat or going snowboarding in Bulgaria!