Around the world with avocado toast: a comprehensive guide to the best avo across the globe

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I’ll hold my hands up and say it: I’m guilty of being a stereotypical millennial. I love brunch, but more than that I love avocados. And you’ll hardly ever catch me straying away from one of the most trendy dishes in the foodie world: avocado toast. A staple amongst the Instagram bloggers and foodies of Gen Z, you can almost guarantee it will be on every brunch menu across the globe. 

Having started an ongoing list of the best avo toast in every city I’ve visited, I thought it was only fair that I share with you my top choices and some recommendations from our editorial team- between us we have a great love for avocado and an ever greater global outreach! So whether you prefer your avo simply seasoned or smothered in delicious toppings like I do, read on for some serious food envy!

Cafe Federal | Madrid 


First on the list and one of my all-time favourites is the avocado toast at Café Federal in Madrid. I have mentioned this dish many times and it is locally known as the best avo toast in Madrid, thanks to an Arabic twist on the brunch classic: a base of carrot hummus topped with slices of avo, rocket, lime juice, and a generous sprinkling of pistachio dukkah. 

This is one of the largest portions of avo toast I have tried, as they use two large slices of sourdough, which ticks all the boxes for me as sometimes one slice just doesn’t cut it. The crunch of the dukkha combined with the sharpness from the lime is a winning combination for me, and shows how sometimes experimenting with a popular classic can have incredible results. I recommend adding a side of halloumi as this is a rare find in Madrid, so I savour the dish even more so!

Picture credit: @thefederalcafe

Mrs Atha’s | Leeds

My second recommendation comes from my university city of Leeds, where I spent many a Sunday brunch at Mrs Atha’s, and where I first discovered the combination of avocado with beetroot hummus. Before that I was very much a plain avo toast lover, but after trying this creamy combo there was no going back! 

Their dark and cosy interior is the perfect place to curl up and enjoy the smashed avocado with beetroot hummus and feta on sourdough toast, often accompanied by a sweet chickpea salsa and organic eggs from a local Leeds farm. The newer brunch menu also includes smashed avo on sourdough with a lemon and mint pesto, sunflower seeds and sumac, or an option to add red pepper pesto and a mint salsa. From experience, it is hard to decide between these unique toppings, so order them all and share with your friends!


Picture credit: @mrsathas

Lunchroom Coco | The Hague

A recent discovery in my hometown of The Hague, Lunchroom Coco recently celebrated its one year anniversary and I am so glad I stumbled across their beautiful café! Tucked away on a small street and decorated with beautiful cherry blossom trees, Coco boasts a varied plant based menu and the most colourful Instagram feed I have ever seen! Great for that food-inspo browse before you order, their menu features a pink pitaya smoothie bowl, vegan pancakes and beetroot burgers, however the avo toast is definitely up there as one of the best I have tried in The Hague. Their take includes feta, sprouts and pomegranate seeds, which add a delicious crunch and sharpness. I recommend a side order of the truffle fries to take your brunch to the next level!

Picture credit: @coco_den_haag


Baker & Spice | Dubai 

Before I share some of our editorial team’s favourite avo spots, I have to mention Baker & Spice in Dubai, who were awarded the best breakfast venue in 2017 for a reason… their branch at Souk Al Bahar boasts some incredible views of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Another Arabic take on our favourite brunch dish, their avocado toast is topped with a poached egg, dukkha and paprika, and combined with the views of the Burj, Baker & Spice are my winner for the best brunch atmosphere.

Picture credit: @bakerandspiceme

The Store | London

Now for some of our team’s favourite avocado toast from around the world. Our top recommendation in London comes from Nicole, who swears by The Store in Croydon for her fix of avo. Their dish of smashed avocado, pomegranate, chilli flakes and organic feta is even topped with edible flowers, making it the most aesthetically pleasing avo toast on our list! Hailed by The Independent as one of the Top 20 New Venues in the UK, everyday brunch at The Store is not one to miss.

Picture credit:

The Mill and Nicolau | Lisbon 

For those who love a spicy kick to their avocado toast, The Mill in Lisbon tops their avo with coriander, lime and piri-piri salt, which contrasts perfectly with the creamy avocado and crunchy sourdough toast. Mariana also recommends Nicolau in Lisbon for those who can’t get enough of the beetroot hummus and avo combination, as their dish artistically presents the toast topped with seeds on a plate of pink hummus!

Picture credit: @themillpt


Paperboy | Paris 

Our final avocado toast recommendation comes from Paperboy in Paris, a sandwich shop with a Japanese twist and our writer Laura’s ultimate favourite when it comes to avo. They serve huge sandwiches wrapped in brown paper and bursting with flavour, and the breakfast sandwich of cream cheese, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and avo looks like the perfect morning pick me up- this could easily serve as breakfast and lunch in one! I’ll let the picture do the talking…

Picture credit: @paperboyparis

Hopefully the avo lovers amongst you are now green with envy at the thought of all these dishes, so don’t hesitate to try out our top picks and add them to our own avocado list! No matter if you eat your avo sliced or smashed, or whether you prefer the toppings spicy, crunchy or creamy, there is definitely something on this list for you. And if your favourite place is not on our list- let us know and we will make sure to try it! 

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