Celebrating Halloween in lockdown

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I currently find myself stuck in my student house isolating for 2 weeks after seeing friends who later tested positive. Although not much is going on at universities across the country at the moment, we were gutted to realise that our isolation dates just so happen to fall over the Halloween weekend. Instead of despairing at the thought of missing one of the best nights of partying in the university calendar (which would have been impossible anyway given the rule of 6!), my 3 housemates and I decided to throw our own mini Halloween party from the comfort of our home. We all know that this year, Halloween is going to look a little different, so here’s what we have planned, including some games, snacks, and trick or treat replacements.


First and most importantly: costumes. Although choosing a matching outfit with your friends to wear to that big Halloween party is no longer as fun as it once was, it doesn’t mean you can’t still dress up and show off your costume creativity. Here’s where Zoom calls come back in! After falling off the radar somewhat now we’re back in the throes of lockdown, Zoom has been waiting in the wings for the next big social occasion to gather all your friends back on one screen. So schedule that Halloween Zoom call and don’t miss up on comparing costumes with friends in different households and deciding the winner of ‘scariest/ funniest/ most ridiculous Halloween outfit’. 


Now onto food; and let’s be honest, when you’re hosting a 4 man party in your basement what else is there to do but sit and enjoy all the spooky treats you’ve prepared?! We’re aiming for a mix of healthy snacks and chocolate treats so first up we’re attempting these stuffed pepper pumpkins: simply carve little jack-o-lantern faces into your orange peppers and fill with taco fillings- we’re using grated cheese, refried beans and guacamole- and then bake for half an hour whilst you sip on your Halloween tipple of choice. 

Stuffed pepper pumpkins | Pic credit: everydayjenny.com

This year we’re going all out with the drinks selection and making some ‘Poison Apple’ cocktails using green apple vodka and sour apple mixer, along with spider ice cubes… simply buy a bag of plastic spiders and add them to your ice cube trays for an extra hit of Halloween! 

Poison Apple cocktail | Pic credit: theseasidebaker.com

I’ll also be adding a Halloween twist to my classic party staple, chocolate brownies, by piping spider webs on each slice with white icing- inspired by these delicious brownies below. 

Spiderweb Brownies | Pic credit: Lecremedelacrumb.com


Finally, a Halloween party wouldn’t be complete without some fun and games, and if they involve more food, even better! We’re trying our hand at apple bobbing and the donut on a string game- both of which you can’t use your hands in and result in quite a bit of mess, so make sure you prepare accordingly! For the donuts you’ll want to make sure you use sugared donuts as these are the messiest- you can add an extra rule that no one can lick their lips whilst trying to eat the donut!- and grab a scarf or eye mask to use as the blind fold. The winner will manage to eat their donut with no hands without it falling to the ground, and their reward is getting to take off the blind fold and laugh at their friends struggling away. 

Donut on a string game | Pic credit: stylemepretty.com

Hopefully this has inspired you to host an at-home Halloween party of your own, whether you’re with friends or family, as let’s be honest, everyone needs a bit of fun planned for the Halloween weekend! Even if you opt for a horror movie marathon instead of a party, spice up the evening with a spooky cocktail or get creative and add a Halloween twist to your movie night popcorn. We’d love to hear your recommendations for some at-home celebration ideas too, it’s the best way to get inspired and keep having fun through lockdown! 

Halloween popcorn | Pic credit: todayscreativeideas.com
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