Everything You Need to Know About Shopping & Culture in Amman



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When visiting Amman, you’ll notice that the consumer interaction with local products is flourishing, which is why many special local brands have emerged creating this modern yet culturally relevant market of designs. 

For Arabic souvenirs and products:

Al Burgan Jo (@alburganjo

Urdon Shop (@urdonshop)

Souq Jara – If you’re in Amman during the summer, this is an outdoor market that takes place every summer with many local stands to explore. 

Souq Al Farah (@essa.ahmad.farrah)

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Souq Al Farah | Picture Credit: @essa.ahmad.farrah

Downtown City Centre – Merely walking in the busy streets of Amman’s old city center is an experience on its own. From spices to traditional Jordanian clothing, you will witness what it’s like to be a pure local. 

Limited Addition (@limitedadditionjordan) – for some quirky local stationery. 

Jeld (@jeld.jo) – for amazing handmade leather goods.

ld | Picture Credit: @jeld.jo

Natural skincare products: 

Trinitae (@trinitaejo) and Amina’s Natural Skincare (@aminaskincare) – both skincare brands locally produce products from natural and organic ingredients like olive oil and calendula oil. These products serve perfectly as gifts or souvenirs that leave your skin feeling so good. 

Trinitae | Picture Credit: @trinitaejo
Trinitae | Picture Credit: @aminaskincare

Fashion brands by appointment:

For all the fashion and clothing lovers out there, these designers are my absolute favourite in Amman. Although appointments need to be booked to visit their studios, their clothes are incredibly made and will leave a Jordanian mark in your wardrobe. If you are staying for 1-2 weeks in Amman, pieces can be made upon order in your size. 


Malik Thomas (@malikthomasstudio)

Nafsika Skourti (@nafsikaskourti)

Tania George (@taniageorgedesigns)

Fadi Zumot (@fadifzumot)

Tania George | Picture Credit: @taniageorgedesigns
Malik Thomas | Picture Credit: @nujoudoweis
Nafsika Skourti | Picture Credit: @nujoudoweis

Jewellery and Accessories:

Dara Hamarneh (@darahamarneh) – Beautiful everyday handbags 

RUN NAKED (@runnakedofficial) – Arabesque inspired jewellery

Dara Hamarneh | Picture Credit: @darahamarneh
RUNNAKED | Picture Credit: @runnakedofficial


I couldn’t but include these two spots in the old town of Amman. With the best view and a historical feel to them, they’re worth a visit to watch the sunset and merely be present in the moment after a long day. 

  • Citadel
  • Roman Theatre 


Visiting art galleries is definitely an activity I recommend. Located in beautiful areas, each gallery has been curated to house some of the best local and regional art pieces; each artist has a  different, what makes it worth visiting 2-3 different galleries. These are just a few of my favourites. All offer free entry

Darat al Funun (@daratalfunun)

Nabad Art Gallery (@nabadgallery)

Wadi Finan Gallery

Orient Gallery (@orientgallery)

Foresight32 Art Gallery (@foresight32artgallery)

Darat Al Funun | Picture Credit: @thedollzter
Wadi Finan Gallery | Picture Credit: @wadifinangallery

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