Everything You Need to Know About Where to Eat in Amman



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Just a heads up, come with an empty stomach. The food here is to die for… 

One of the little nuances that truly shed light on the beauty of this community is definitely the food, where recipes have been passed down from generation to generation; filled with unforgettable aroma and spices. Something I look forward to the most when I’m back is my grandmother’s food; I highly recommend you befriend an Arab local to dine with, you won’t regret it. Restaurants have been curated to present the best of Arabic food; each in its own unique way. Buckle your seatbelts folks, this list of restaurants is going to satisfy each and every one of your cravings. 


If you’ve woken up with a growling stomach, you’re in the right place. Breakfast is one of the best meals of the day when having authentic Arabic food. In all Honesty, a typical Arabic breakfast can feed a whole army. With that being said, you need to hit the best spots if you want to try all the delicious dishes. 

Traditional breakfast

Al Quds Falafel 
Rainbow street | $ | Suitable for vegetarian, vegans and GF | Best for a quick bite  
Al Quds Fakafel| Picture credit: @crystaltrulove

For a falafel sandwich that is the talk of the town, Al Quds Falafel in Rainbow street is the place to go; the best sandwiches for very low prices. Downtown Amman and Weibdeh areas are a must to visit. 

Hashem Restaurant
Downtown Amman | $$
Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and all Arabic food lovers | Best for their traditional arabic plates.
 Hashem Restaurant | Picture credit: @gab

Famous for being the oldest breakfast spot, Hashem Restaurant is ideal for a raw breakfast experience and Namliyeh for the best French toast to eat on the side of the road, whilst looking at all the beautiful graffiti art in Weibdeh. 

Shams El Balad
69 Mu’Ath Bin Jabal Street| $$-$$$ | instagram (@shamselbalad)
Suitable for vegetarians | Best for Manakish
Shams El Balad | Picture credit: @shamselbalad

Shams El Balad is also a must; a beautiful and eccentric restaurant near Amman’s City Centre with an incredible view of Old Amman.

Healthier and modern options 

For a more modern twist on an Arabic breakfast, Bluefig is where you want to be. For some healthier and simpler menus with a mixture of different food options Seed Healthy, Books@Cafe, OJ’s Kitchen and Pepper and Pine are perfect spots for casual gatherings with friends during the summer time. 

Seed | Picture credit: @seedbahrain
OJS Kitchen | Picture credit: @ojskitchen

Adding a small appreciation section for the two yummiest acai bowls in town; Açai Jo for by the best home delivered Açai and other tropical bowls in Amman, and Segafredo for an outdoor spot with a great Açai bowl. 

Segafredo | Picture credit: @nujoudoweis

There are surely a lot more delicious options, but  if I mentioned them all I’d be here till tomorrow. And plus, these are personally my go-to places that never disappoint. 

Lunch & Dinner 

As for lunch and dinner, there is pretty much an incredible restaurant for all your cuisine desires. I’m telling you, food here will keep your food baby intact pretty much until you leave; it’s worth it though I promise you that. 

Fakhreldin and Sufra 
Taha Hussein St., Amman | $$$ | @aticogroup & @sufra.restaurant.jo Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and arabic food lovers | Best for traditional arabic dishes 

Sufra | Picture credit: @sufra.restaurant.jo

If you want to kill two birds with one stone and enjoy walking around some exciting areas in the city after having your meal, Fakhreldin and Sufra are the ultimate Arabic food experience. 

Beit Sitti
$$ | Instagram (@beitsitti) | Suitable for Whoever’s interested in mastering home-cooked Arabic dishes 
Beit Sitti | Picture Credit: @beitsitti

If you’re looking for a more fun and interactive experience Beit Sitti is perfect for an unforgettable culinary experience where you learn the best recipes and dine right after to taste the results. 

Asian Cuisine 

To end the day with a beautiful palette of food and a fancy atmosphere, Yoshi, Ren Chai and Vinaigrette serve the best Asian dinner in the city; whether you are craving a fantastic plate of  sushi or are in the mood for an assortment of traditional Chinese dishes from sweet and sour chicken to spring rolls, these three restaurants never fail to have the best service. If these restaurants are a little above your budget, don’t you fret as Sushi Den has the best sushi for much lower prices. 

Yoshi | Picture credit: @yoshi_jordan

Italian Cuisine

For an Italian and romantic atmosphere, Romero is the perfect place to sit with a glass of wine and dine over some delicious fettuccine or any other pasta in mind. However, if you want to take it to the next level and treat yourself to a super elegant outing, Le Capital is the place to go. Foodsmith Grill also displays a similar ambiance and is perfect for those on a budget. 

For more of the fast food yet really good Arabic food caterers, we have Kababji and Deeritna to fulfil all your needs. They both are best for mixed meat grill platters.


We Farm 
Best for ice cream and smoothies | $$ | Instagram: @we_farm_amman
We Farm | Picture Credit: @hudasetaboha

For some healthy ice cream, juice and smoothie options, this cafe is cozy and perfect for a break after walking around the Jabal AL Lweibdeh area.

Frosti Ice Cream 

If you’re an ice cream fanatic, Frosti is the absolute best ice cream shop in town. 

Frosti Ice Cream | Picture Credit: @frostiicecream

Auntie Hanady’s & Sugar Daddy’s Bakery The most delicious dense desserts from cupcakes to cakes and brownies. 

Sugar Daddy’s | Picture Credit: @sugardaddysbakery_

Heavenly Swirls and Lokma Bay for the most delicious desserts from homemade local businesses. 

Heavenly Swirls | Picture Credit: @heavenlyswirls

Zalatimo Brothers and Habibah Sweets for the best Arabic sweets to eat and take back with you. 

Zalatimo Brothers | Picture Credit: @zalatimobrithersforsweets


If you’re a busy person like me; filling each and every minute of your schedule with something to do and places to go, then relaxing in a cafe In between events or meetings is the highlight of a crammed day. Whether you’ve gone out to see some sights in Amman, visited some friends, merely want to read a book or bask in the city sun while working, cafes in Amman will give you the energy and aesthetic that you need to keep going. 


JABAL AMMAN / OLD AMMAN | Picture Credits: @nujoudoweis

Wild Jordan Center
Othman Ben Affan St., Amman | $$$ | @wildjordancenter | Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and Arabic food lovers | Best for Shakshuka

With an exceptional view of old Amman and delicious food and drinks, Wild Jordan is the perfect place to visit after you’ve walked the streets of old Amman and did a little sightseeing and shopping for spices in the Downtown area. If you’ve walked for hours exploring each and every unique street in Downtown Amman and your legs are holding on to dear life; which I highly recommend (the exploring part of course) , you will get your moment of stillness by looking at the amazing view in Wild Jordan. 

Wild Jordan Center | Picture Credit: @nujoudoweis

Rumi Cafe
best for a quick bite & coffee  | $ | Instagram: @rumicafejo

For a retro feel and some super artsy people, Rumi Cafe is a great place to meet new people or work on some tasks in a hippest area in Amman. 

Rumi is luckily located in the hippest area in Amman; Jabal Al Lweibdeh. Being the hub for creatives and local shops, this area is filled with the coolest people. Whether you’re a skater, designer, or just a local getting off work and want to hang out with some friends without going somewhere too busy, Rumi’s atmosphere is absolutely the right place to hang. With enough calm to talk and catch up, while being simultaneously busy and energetic to create an exciting vibe, this cafe is perfect. I guarantee you’ll be enchanted with enough culture and interesting people for the night. If you’re into this vibe and want to try some other cute cafes in the same area, Jungle Fever Coffee and Tea house (@junglefever_coffeeandteahouse) and Dimitri’s Coffee (@dimitriscoffee) are both great options too. 

Rumi Cafe | Picture credit: @rumicafejo

Manara Arts & Culture
best for a quick bite & coffee  | $ | Instagram: @manaraculture

If you have some tasks to complete in a beautiful cafe, Manara Arts & Culture is definitely for you; the best quick bites, coffee and the view is one for the books. 

Manara Arts & Culture is also one of those cafes that give you the coolest vibe and view; Imagine you’re a modern Carrie Bradshaw sitting writing an article for Vogue while witnessing the hustle and bustle of a busy city from afar, except you’re in Amman. It’s the cafe where you can spend hours in; creating the perfect feeling that you’ve escaped away from the centre of the city and just the right liveliness to sit and work or have a chat with a friend. Right on the tip of Jabal Al Lweibdeh, you feel as if you are elevated on the highest mountain with a breathtaking view of old Amman, my favourite area in Jordan. 

Manara Arts & Culture | Picture credit: @manaraculture


For all the beautiful spots in Old Amman and Jabal AL Lweibdeh, I’ve got you covered. Now steering back to the hotspot for cosmopolitans in Jordan with a more modern essence than the older areas in Amman, Abdoun’s cafes are for finding a quick and close place to work or if you’ve planned a spontaneous outing with friends and want to chill somewhere. Here, you’ll find people from all walks of life; whether it’s the Serena van der Woodsens and Blair Waldorfs of Amman or the simple Dan Humphreys (for all the Gossip Girl fans), you’ll find them all having a coffee and snack in these cafes. Kava Coffee Roasters (@kava_roasters) and Majnoon Qahwa (@majnoon_qahwa) are my personal favourites. Both with really good coffee and some quick snacks, they are ideal. 

Majnoon Qahwa | Picture Credit: @swefiehvillage
Places covered in the article
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