Galleries And Museums Go Digital

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Look, we understand that you don’t need a constant reminder about these ‘unprecedented times’. So we’ll try not to mention it as much in this piece. But one reminder that you might have is the fact that galleries and museums are either still closed or are limiting their opening hours. It’s difficult to be an art lover right now when we can’t really experience art in the traditional way. However, that’s not stopping galleries and collectives from experimenting with digital mediums and the internet in order to provide a new way of experiencing their work. We’ve come across just a handful of the many digital exhibitions happening right now.

Well Now WTF? | Silicon Valet
Click here to see the exhibition: Website | Best for those looking for thought provoking art.
Picture credit: Well Now WTF?

‘Well Now WTF?’ is an online exhibition curated by digital and new media artists Faith Holland, Lorna Mills, and Wade Wallerstein. It compiles the work of over 100 artists who’ve used the digital medium and moving image practices to create avant-garde pieces. The titles of the works, like ‘Stay Home and Masturbate’ and ‘Bed of Nails’, are as provoking as the work they represent. And we know we said we wouldn’t mention the pandemic again, but the exhibition also has work that references it in a way that is not only thought-provoking but is also thoroughly amusing. Perfect for those who need a different perspective on things.

Last Place On Earth | HOME Manchester
Click here to see the exhibition: Website | Best for those looking for different platforms and mediums of art.
Picture credit: HOME Manchester

This online exhibition was created by HOME’s Future 20 Collective,a group of artists aged 18-25 who trained for 12 months with this Manchester-based gallery. The collective reached out to a variety of creators from filmmakers, poets, photographers, musicians, visual artists, and more. They have managed to create a virtual reality experience that explores what they believe would be the last place on earth in the most optimistic way possible. This exhibition takes the term ‘escapism’ in the most literal sense, but maybe in this day and age this is what we need sometimes. 

Pace Gallery
Click here to see the exhibition: Website | Best for those with a love for contemporary art.
Picture credit: Pace Gallery

Pace is a gallery based in Mayfair, London, that specialises in contemporary artists from the 20th and 21st century. During this pandemic they put up almost all of their exhibitions online for the world to see and consume. Some of their past exhibitions include Peter Hujar’s ‘Cruising Utopia’ and Loie Hollowell’s ‘Going Soft’. Currently, the Pace are exhibiting David Byrne’s ‘dingbats’, which explores the thoughts, themes, and concepts floating in our minds regarding the current pandemic. It will definitely leave you thinking about our current situation in a different perspective.

The Whitney Museum of American Art
Click here to see the exhibition: Website | Best for those with a love for classic contemporary and modern art.
Picture credit: The Whitney Museum of American Art

The Whitney is one of the most well known museums in the world of contemporary and modern art. It serves as the home of many pieces by famed artists such as Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keefe, and Kenneth Price. Many of us might not be able to visit the Whitney any time soon, but luckily for us they have uploaded many of their exhibitions online for us to enjoy. And not only that, but they’ve also included many supplementary materials for us to peruse alongside the art, such as talks with their curators, video clips of performance art, and audio guides for each collection. With such an abundance of material, we won’t just be enjoying the art but education ourselves as well.

Art has always been viewed as both a form of escapism and a reflection of the world we live in. These galleries have used these two sides of art to their advantage and have shown us that art will always persevere and persist even in trying times. But these are only a few of the many galleries and museums going digital, and we encourage you to find more and discover what you love.

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