Pretty Places for a Picnic in London

August 18, 2020
Main Picture Credit: @marcc.the

Whilst most things in London are opening up post-lockdown, bookings are being snapped up quickly and even with a booking there's a lot off faff. You've got queuing, drenching your hands in hand sanitiser and the not-so pleasant feeling of breathing in your own warm breath from wearing your face mask. Lockdown has been through many fazes, we succumbed to tiktok, partook in zoom quizzes, picked up (and then gave up) new hobbies, and enjoyed outdoor meet-ups more than ever. And now, I'm here to say, that enjoying outdoor activities is a faze that must stay! It's free, if not cheap, you have the freedom of breathing in the fresh air, the nature changes seasonally and amongst so many other things - this is something that almost anyone can get along with.

Now I know in London finding new and fresh green spaces within the city is not an easy task. So without further ado, here are four of the most picturesque London locations to throw down a blanket and enjoy a sunny afternoon with a picnic basket and a date.

Hampstead Heath

The stunning surroundings of Hampstead Heath | Picture Credit: @shan.caseyy

This particular north London spot is the perfect spot to go if you want to feel like you’re on holiday. With the natural ponds now open to the public, you can book a ticket here to have a swim amongst nature, and have an afternoon sunbathe there. Or, head up the hill and enjoy a cityscape view of London with a couple of drinks and a book.

Battersea Park

The Peace Pagoda | Picture Credit: @shotbyshiv

Battersea Park is a great spot to take a walk around. With subtropical gardens, lakes with plenty of birdlife, Festival Gardens dating back to 1951 and the well-known London Peace Pagoda. Erected in 1985, the London Peace Pagoda is one of the several Buddhist stupas from around the world - a monument which aims to inspire peace and unity between all races. Plus, the Battersea Park GoApe is now open and available for bookings for someone seeking more of a thrill! Book your spot on their website here.

Richmond Park

The Deer at Richmond Park | Picture Credit: @lundonlens

A personal favourite. Take some time to walk around and enjoy the deer, grab an ice cream, and take a romantic stroll around the blooming flowers of the Isabella Plantation. Richmond Park is rather large so there will be plenty of space to mark your territory for the day via picnic blanket and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. 

Holland Park

The Fountains at the Kyoto Garden | Picture Credit: @martinikon

The most unique part about Holland Park is the Kyoto Garden, a Japanese garden donated by the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto in 1991. A lovely and tranquil spot for a romantic and picturesque picnic that has a little bit of culture! You can also find an abundance of summer activities and sports such as golf, football, cricket and netball which should keep you and your company entertained all day.

With the current world circumstances it’s understandable that keeping activities outside and as socially distanced as possible is still an anxiety for many! It’s worth mentioning that taking a walk in a park is certainly not a summertime exclusive activity. London in Autumn and Winter is absolutely beautiful and as long as you have an umbrella handy there is no con against taking a refreshing stroll around some of it’s lovely green spaces!

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