Heaven is a short flight away



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A whole year without traveling is a bitter pill to swallow, so I jumped at the very first opportunity I had and booked a flight to Greece.

While I was arriving in Athens, I wanted to explore the picturesque Island the country has to offer, and started looking for that perfect spot to spend my few days open-air freedom. On a side note, in non- epidemic times it‘s easy to also book a flight directly to most of the island, but the situation being what it is, we opted for a ferry ride instead which brings also adds some sightseeing experience. While I enjoy ferry-rides as much as the next person, I decided that I wanted to spend no more than 5 hours at sea which narrowed down my serch for a destination.

In my mind I was imagining a bohemian, lush, temperate and quiet (code word adults only) resort with a generous pool. Of course, speaking from experience, I knew that this gorgeous sun-filled terrace I was imagining would only ever exist right there, in my imagination but I wanted to get as close as possible to this ideal image.

And that is what I found at the Seesoo Paros.

I could not have asked for anything more. Owned by Claudia and her family, who hail from Austria but have made Paros their chosen summer destination for over a decade. Two years ago the family decided to manifest their love for Parros island into physical entity, buying the land on which Seesoo opened in July of this year. A lot of labour and thought has gone into the construction which you can tell by the attention to detail and long-term investment the family has made into the building. Sustainability and endurance was a key cornerstone of the design and service ethos. Where possible materials are recycled, while all food is locally sourced from the farms on the island and freshly prepared by Mania, the heart and soul of Seesoo.

My friend and I spent almost a week at this magical place and we already have made plans to return next year. Have a look for yourself in the pictures attached, they say more than I could write in a thousand words of praise.

Website: https://seesooparos.reserve-online.net

Instagram: @seesooparos


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