Self-Care Tips For Lockdown Season

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Another lockdown order has just been called for most countries in the world, which means another stressful period with more isolation and uncertainties drifting around us. We understand that this could be a stressful period for a lot of us, especially for us travel lovers. How are we supposed to survive another month of being cooped up in our homes? Well, we might have the answer to that. We’ve compiled a list of things you can do to take care of yourself during this stressful period – don’t worry, they’re all social-distance friendly. These will make sure that by the time things are back to normal (ish) we’ll be in tip top shape.


Take time to enjoy the outdoors

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Lockdown doesn’t mean we have to spend 24/7 indoors, that would drive anybody crazy. So to prevent any indoor-induced madness, why not spend some time outdoors. Even half an hour outside in your garden with some fresh air can do a lot of good. While surrounding yourself in nature, take the time to appreciate the empty roads and the sudden quietness of your neighbourhood. It’ll make you really appreciate the world we live in a lot more. If you want to make things a bit more exciting, go for a run or brisk jog to liven yourself up; which leads us to our next tip…


Get moving!

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Exercise is a great way of not only getting your mind off of any negativity but also keeping your body in great shape. If done regularly, exercising will give you a great boost to start off your day while establishing a routine that will keep you sane during lockdown. What’s that, you don’t have a personal trainer living with you? Don’t worry, there are plenty of apps or YouTube videos that will guide through workouts you can easily do at home with minimal to no equipment. There are also a bunch of accounts on IGTV that will definitely get you in the workout mood like Psycle London and Blok. Now there really isn’t an excuse not to exercise.


Let your inner social butterfly flutter

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The word ‘lockdown’ these days usually comes hand in hand with ‘isolation’, but that doesn’t have to be the case. This strange period is not the time for loneliness, rather it’s actually best that we maintain strong relationships with our friends and family. Why not take some time out of your day and FaceTime your loved ones, have a movie night with Netflix Party, have a cook-off over Zoom or just have a simple catch up. This could also be a good way to set up a routine by scheduling weekly pub quizzes or movie nights over Zoom. Even the simplest acts can help us through our days.


Hit pause on technology

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Now this piece of advice can apply to everyday life anyway, but it’s especially important during times like these. It’s really easy to get caught up in the black hole of bad news and cynicism that seems to float around the whole internet these days. This is why it’s so important for you to unplug for a while, especially a couple of hours before you go to bed so you have a good and restful sleep. A good tip is to leave your phone and/or laptop far from reach so you don’t feel tempted to have a sneaky one hour peek. Instead, read a book or have a nice cup of hot tea to center yourself. One of my favourite books to read right now has been Savannah Brown’s recent poetry collection, ‘Sweetdark’. If you’re looking for more book recommendations, have a peak at the rest of the Hynt team’s reading list here!


Treat your tongue with a nice meal


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To feed your stomach is to feed your soul, and this is something we truly believe. Cooking can often be something that’s both very relaxing and productive, a double combo that we definitely can’t complain about. Cooking can also give you the opportunity to explore new cuisines that you have probably not tried before, giving you a chance to be adventurous while staying indoors. If you need some ideas of what to cook then check out our past piece where we give you some recipes to try out in your own kitchen.


Nurture your mind


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Sure, the physical things are important, but we can’t forget to take care of our mental health. Being stuck in one place for so long can take a huge toll on our mental wellbeing. This is why we recommend practicing meditation, mindfulness, or other calming methods in order to keep your inner self in check. This isn’t as difficult as some people may think. Some easy ways of doing this include listening to a calming podcast, journaling, or simply looking up at the sky and emptying your mind. We guarantee this will give your head the reset it needs.


It seems that we won’t be travelling to new places any time soon, but this shouldn’t stop us from living our best lives. Think of this as a period where we can collect ourselves and experience a fresh start both mentally and physically. And when the day comes when we can finally start bouncing around the world again, we’ll be fit from head to toe and ready to start our next adventure.

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