Spooky Places to Spend Halloween 2021

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Pumpkin | Photo by @Cultonsturgeon

When I got told this morning that we’ve well and truly transitioned into autumn, I freaked. Summer has truly gone by with the blink of an eye (we’ve got our beloved CoronaVirus to thank for that).  But, alas, with the yellowing of leaves and the dropping temperature, it’s officially acceptable to start playing eerie music at the break of dawn and ordering your pumpkin spice lattes. 

Although usually Americans take a win when it comes to halloween celebrations, I heard on the radio that Trump is discouraging them this year. That being said, we know you fellow hynters are craving some spooky action this 31st of october, so we’ve compiled a list of the best halloween celebrations worldwide for you to start planning your next holiday’s trip. 

New Orleans – Vampire Balls and other Halloween celebrations 

What a better way to celebrate Halloween than in the US’ most haunted city? With it’s witchy charm, New Orleans’ french quarter comes to life with spooky decor, cemetery tours and (wait for it)… a bloody vampire ball which you can check out here

If you’re into the very creepy and haunted, you can arrange to book a stay in a haunted hotel, such as Hotel Monteleone or the Omni Royaleboth of which have noted numerous ghost sightings over the years. If, however, you want spooky served on a silver platter, try eating at The Court of Two Sisters, Muriel’s Jackson Square or Napoleon House and you might be unexpectedly joined by a ghostly dinner guest. 

Ireland – Where it all began 

Funnily enough it’s not very common knowledge that Ireland is where all the halloween celebrations originated from, but perhaps Samhain rings a bell. The biggest party is a 9-day long celebration in Derry – deemed halloween capital of the world. Expect spooky parades, haunted houses and ghost tours galore. This year you also get a myriad of live streamed events which you can check out on the official website by clicking right here

Transylvania, Romania – All Year Round Spookiness

As October comes to an end, another place comes to life: Bran Castle – aka the source of inspiration for Dracula and where, back in the day, thousands of bodies were impaled and left to rot (yikes!). 

Imagine dark haunted forests and a medieval charm with folkloric flavour as you parade around the castle in one of the many halloween special tours, and book yourself some traditional Romanian dinner to fully immerse yourself in this all-time classic. 

For those of you looking for other activities aside from the castle, perhaps a walk around Hoia Baciu forest would do the trick, since this place is known as Europe’s Bermuda Triangle due to the mysterious occurrences happening in its vicinity. I don’t know about you but it certainly brings chills down my neck. 

Although New Orleans is quite the plane ride away, and the current political climate doesn’t make it the easiest of places to visit right now, but Romania and Ireland are quite accessible. However, In terms of travel restrictions, you’re likely to have to encounter quarantine in all of these places, so perhaps we’re all better suited to start planning next year’s adventure instead! 

Places covered in the article
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