Top Vegan Restaurants in Canggu, Bali

Holly West

Holly West

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Bali has long been seen as the perfect destination for those of us who follow a plant-based diet, or those who are plant-based curious. Dishes are often filled with tofu, tempeh, avocado and a rainbow of colour, but all for a fraction of the price in Western areas. 

Canggu, a buzzing area on Bali’s western-coast has exploded in popularity in the last few years, as has its food scene – catering for anyone and everyone’s dietary requirements. In this piece I have brought together some of the best vegan spots Canggu has to offer; so you can get stuck into the good stuff rather than settling for the second-best when it comes to plant-based dining. 

All of these places offer 100% vegan food, so its no longer a question of what you can eat, but instead a question of deciding what to have first!

Warung Pande 

Traditional Indonesian | £ | Best for: Cheap vegan eats, traditional food made vegan

If you are a true backpacker/ lover of all things cheap then you will make best friends with a trusty ‘Warung’. Warung most literally translated, means a small business like a shop or restaurant, but to tourists and travellers, its usually a sign that means cheap and traditional Indonesian food. 

Stepping foot into a Warung can be stressful when you have specific dietary requirements, as often several unlabelled dishes prepared that day sit on display for you to try and decipher which you can eat. What makes Warung Pande special is that the entire menu is 100% vegan – meaning you can pick whatever you like knowing there is not an animal product in sight. Grab a plate of Nasi Campur or Gado Gado for under £2 and you are left with enough money for an ice cold beer to go with it. 

Warung Pande | Picture Credits: @amyfindsfood

Give Cafe

Traditional Indonesian, Western Brunch | ££ | Instagram: @givecafe | Best for: Feel good food, Instagram goals

Aside from the highly instagrammable walls and decor which will make everyone jealous of your Indonesian adventures, Give Cafe is another 100% vegan cafe with a vision to change the world. Give cafe donate 100% of their profits to carefully chosen charities for people, places and animals in need. Their latest cause has been working to support the people and animals in Australia and Indonesia affected by the recent natural disasters. So not only do your delicious Corn Fritter Stacks or Unicorn Pancakes, taste good, they do good too!

Give Cafe | Picture Credits: @givecafe

Plant Cartel 

Western fast food | ££ | Instagram: @plantcartel | Best for: Vegan junk food, a hangover, when you just want a burger

Indonesia and its vegan lifestyle is often built around smoothie bowls and poke plates decorated with everything vibrant and good for you. But what if you fancy something that feels just a little bit bad for you? Sometimes you just need some junk food comfort, and that is where Plant Cartel hit the spot. 

Step into their American-style diner and chow down on the ‘Double Pleeseburger’ with a side of loaded fries and a milkshake to wash it all down. Or how about some Baja Tacos paired with Cauliflower Buffalo Wings and Doughnut Bites to finish it off? All 100% vegan, if this food is wrong, we don’t want to be right.  

Plant Cartel | Picture Credits: @plantbasedvibe

I am Vegan Babe

Mexican, Brunch, Lunch | ££ | Instagram: @iamveganbabe | Best for: smoothie bowls and pretty plates

It is almost worth putting I AM Vegan Babe down just for the name, but they happen to win us over with the food too! Think Mexican based menu with a few of our Western food favourites but made 100% vegan (and 100% delicious). Drop in for breakfast and get a load of their towering pancake stack complete with fresh a coconut water branded with ‘I AM Vegan Babe’ across the side, just incase you thought anyone needed reminding. The decor is clean, modern and chic – definitely in line with the cool Canggu vibe, you will want to be seen at this super cool cafe, babe.  

I AM Vegan Babe | Picture Credits: @iamveganbabe

The Shady Shack 

Healthy plates, breakfast, lunch and dinner | ££ | Instagram: @theshadyshack | Best for: Colourful plates, vegan desserts and cakes

Have your dinner sitting in a jungle paradise, eat breakfast filled with a riot of colour and let your mouth water at the delicious vegan things on offer at The Shady Shack. This little cafe produces plates of food that are impossible not to take a picture of.

If a delectable nutritious breakfast wasn’t enough to tempt you, we highly recommend you indulge in one of their raw vegan cakes and desserts on display made fresh that day. It is hard to resist the lure of warm cinnamon rolls or freshly baked carrot cake, especially when you know they’re all completely free from animal products! 

The Shady Shack | Picture Credits: @theshadyshack

Falafel Temple

Middle-East dishes, sharing plates | ££ | Instagram: @falafeltemple | Best for: Falafels, duh!

Come to the Falafel Temple to worship all things the Middle-East and a plant-based diets have to offer. Their small and totally vegan menu means flavour is the main focus, and to be quite honest I could dip pita bread in hummus all day. Opt for their very reasonably priced mezze sharer option where you can pick up to five dishes for 100IDR (under £5!), and sit back and enjoy the shisha of the day. 

Falafel Temple | Picture Credits: @falafeltemple

Peloton Supershop 

Developed out of a passion for cycling and a love for fresh and healthy food; Peloton Supershop was born. The cafe uses fresh, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients with the simple aim of providing fun and luxury plant-based meals to all. 

With punchy names for their breakfast and dinner dishes such as Power House, Breakaway Burrito or Pedal Powered Pancakes – Peloton makes you feel like your dining experience is really nourishing your mind, body and soul. Look out for their Supershop Burger – made with a mushroom nut pattie, vegan egg, homemade pickle, caramelised onion, salad, and finished off with their signature sauce, a taste sensation not to be missed. 

Peloton Supershop | Picture credit: @pelotonsupershop

This was just a small sample of some of Canggu’s much loved vegan food scene to whet your appetite. From vegan junk-food to traditional Indonesian cuisine, plant-based eating has become so diverse in Bali, as it has across the world – even your meat-loving friends will be amazed at how much they don’t miss that steak! 

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