Très Chic: Vintage shopping in Paris

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As Audrey Hepburn stated ‘Paris is always a good idea’, and it is true, as one of the most charming cities in the world, full of picturesque architecture, quaintpatisseries and artists painting on the streets it is easy to feel as if youhave booked a stay in a dreamy novel.

On your trip to Paris, it’s vital to tick viewing the city from the Eiffel tower and a boat ride on the river Sane off your list, but I believe one of the most romantic activities to do in this city is to discover the many, unique vintage shops. After all, Paris is the fashion capital of the world. Here, I have curated a list of some of the many vintage stores to try out in Paris, from high end to independent stores, all of these shops can offer something unique, from the archives of Parisian fashion.


Discover designer deals – High end boutiques

Thanx God I’m a VIP
Vintage shop| 10th Quarter/ 12 Rue de Lancry | $$$ | Instagram: @thankxgodimavip

Thanx God I’m a Vip is well known for its beautiful collection of high end, vintage clothing. Consider it top of your list for vintage designer clothes. The owner, Sylvie Chateigner, hand picks and authenticates each item, making sure you are getting genuine, beautiful items that are still wearable and in fashion today.Find yourself, and boast about, your new, vintage Gucci handbag, or Commes des Garcons wallet previously owned by a French fashionista.

Thanx God I’m a Vip | Picture credit: @thanxgodimavip

Rose Market Vintage
Vintage shop | 9th Quarter/ 19 Rue Milton | $$$ | Instagram: @rosemarketvintage

Another vintage store with authenticity and timelessness as a priority, depend on this store to find something genuine and in style. A Chanel tweed jacket here and some bright Yves Saint Laurent heels there, it is a perfect spot to find your Parisian style.


Forfamiliar, French finds – Classic vintage shops

Emmaus Boutique
Vintage shop | 2nd Quarter/ 27-29 Boulevard, de Rochechouart | $$ | Instagram: @boutique_emmaus_brive

What is so appealing about this particular vintage store is the immaculate organisation. From the outside and inside, this shop looks just like a Parisian, independent boutique. A relaxed atmosphere, they don’t just sell clothes but homeware,books, CDs and of course vinyl as well. To top it off, the prices are incredibly reasonable, so you won’t find yourself clutching your euros here.

Vintage shop | 2nd Quarter/ 12-16 Rue Tiquetonne | $$

For a reasonably priced haul, get yourself into the zone and rummage around Episode. This particular store is packed full of vintage goodies, for women and men, to find yourself pulling outsome vintage 80’s gems. One of the most notable points of this store is that the prices aren’t inflated in the name of ‘reclaimed vintage’. You get your money’s worth, and you are bound to find something. Grab an over sized leather jacket, for cheap, and throw it over your outfit and you are half way towards an outfit the French girls would love.

Kilo shop
Kilo Vintage shop / modern vintage | $$ | Instagram: @kiloshopfrance

Organised, dependable and an ideal place for mirror pics, a lot of locals love this spot.If you don’t know what a Kilo shop is, your items are essentially priced by the kilo, differentiating between the jackets, tops and shoes. There are scales dotted around the shop so you can work it out for yourself before getting asurprise at the till. Two floors of vintage clothing, you are destined to find somethingfor yourself, spend an afternoon rummaging around the many racks of easy vintage garms.

Kilo shop| Pic credit: @kiloshopfrance

Support a sustainable store – Independent shops

Love and Dress
Vintage shop | 2nd Quarter / 45 Rue d’Hauteville | $$ | Instagram: @loveanddress

Find apersonally curated, reasonably priced selection at Love and Dress. What is most seducing about Parisian vintage stores, is their quality selection and personal customer service. This shop feels as if you are shopping in a modern, unique shop rather than a second hand clothing store, which means a relaxed atmosphere, well organised racks and a bright interior to browse at your own leisure.

En Voiture Simone
Concept Vintage shop | 3rd Quarter / 43 Rue Charlot | $$ | Instagram: @envoituresimoneparis

En Voiture Simone is a charismatic, colourful shop. The line between contemporary secondhand items and vintage clothing is, admittedly, a little blurred, but nevertheless you cannot go wrong with something a little different and eco-friendly. The items are also individually picked out by the owner, so you know that each item resembles personal, French style. This concept store has a lot to offer, there are many hidden gems hidden amongst the rainbow racks, even plants can bebought from this store so it is definitely one catered for the local Parisians.

En Voiture Simone | Picture credit: @envoituresimoneparis

Of course,take a trip to Champs-Élysées for the bucket list, but these vintage stores arewhere you can find the key to fitting in with the locals and shopping a little more environmentally friendly at the same time.

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