Unpopular opinion: Skip hotel breakfasts?

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As I dive into the depths of reddit, as one does any regular evening, I find myself confronted with a regular thread: ‘unpopular opinion’ where people unashamedly blurt out into the world things like ‘I love airplane food’. Fortunately disguised in a ridiculous username, anonymity is kept intact or else this dear person might suffer severe injuries.

I came across a pretty heated topic on ‘Hotel Breakfasts: Yay or Nay?’. When I started traveling with friends, a discussion would often occur when we started looking for an Hotel and argued about wether to tick the ‘breakfast included’ box or not, usually the cheapest option always won. But when money is a non-issue, what does your gut truly tell you?

I have to admit I haven’t given it that much though, none of the options are a must for me, although I am a self-proclaimed food lover. By not having a set opinion on this, I’ve been told I’m betraying my own kind, by both sides. So, I decided to take to Instagram and make a pool on my own IG stories, to see if I would reach a consensus.

Well, obviously I didn’t.

‘There is nothing better on this green earth than a continental buffet breakfast and don’t let anyone tell you differently’ (I hope the person who wrote me this doesn’t mind I publish it but it was the best thing I’ve heard all week)

‘I need my speciality coffee’

I believe there is a time and place for everything, and so I’m open to argue for both sides. The scores on my Instagram survey showed the following: 39% answered ‘Hotel Breakfast’ while 61% said ‘Explore a new place for breakfast everyday’. There is a 21% gap between both answers, which would automatically give a win to the people who prefer to explore. Nevertheless, the issue wasn’t resolved for me because the ones who argued for ‘Hotel Breakfast’ were so vocal I could not let them lose without a fight. I was DMed by people I don’t know well arguing ferociously on this – it made me realize I am quite glad I don’t know those people that well…

Also, arguing on the behalf of ‘Hotel Breakfast’, I suspect people who don’t have a set answer on the matter or who might see themselves as uptight and with the intention to impress might have chosen ‘exploring a new place’ as a way to seem more adventurous, or to make themselves believe so. But who knows what goes on the mind of these savage food lovers?

As such I decided to conduct a larger study with a wider audience. Through the DNBS IG platform I created the unpopular opinion pool.

These were the results:

  1. Reclining your seat is rude.  24% Yes vs 76% No
  2. Suitcases are better than backpacks. 62% Yes vs 38% No
  3. Too much beach can be boring. 25% Yes vs 75% No
  4. It’s okay to look like a tourist. 70% Yes vs 30% No
  5. Long lines are usually worth it. 18% Yes vs 82% No
  6. In a new city, I’d rather walk instead of taking public transportation even if it’s a long distance. 77% Yes vs 23% No
  7. I put price above comfort whenever I fly. 64% Yes vs 36% No
  8. Whenever I travel I want to do/ see as much as I can, even if it means I’m on a tight schedule. 79% Yes vs 21% No.
  9. Airplane food is great. 22% Yes vs 78% No
  10. Rather skip the hotel breakfast and go explore a new cute place everyday. 44% Yes vs 56% No

Disguised in the midst of a bigger project, Hotel Breakfasts won, but not by much. This does not allow me to hand over the victory to Hotel Breakfasts with a clean conscience…

The best Hotel Breakfast I have had was in a small boutique hotel in Montemor-o-Novo in the countryside of Portugal where the owner of the house had cooked everything herself the night before. The tables were filled with luxurious homemade cakes, different types of bread the neighbour who was a baker gave her every morning, fruits from their orchard and jams and honeys made locally. She even made you eggs any way you wanted right in the moment – the eggs where from her hens, never had I seen eggs so yellow and so flavourful. I will never forget this experience, as I was thanking her for the meal and said I had loved the orange cake that was by then sadly over, she made a new one for me that afternoon. This place is called Palacete da Real Companhia do Cacau, located in a small town in the region of Alentejo. Its name means palace of the royal company of cocoa, as they have an in-house chocolate factory and are masters in luxury cocoa experiences.

After conducting this study, we asked you what were some of the best breakfast experiences you had ever had in an hotel and with subsequent research, these are our recommendations:

Hotel Martinez, Cannes, France

Hotel Martinez | picture credit: @martinezhotel

Hotel Montefiore, Tel Aviv, Israel

Hotel Montefiore | picture credit: @hotel_montefiore

New York Hotel, Budapest, Hungary

New York Hotel | picture credit: @newyorkpalaceda

Hotel Ritz, Paris, France

Ritz Hotel | picture credit: @aguilarjeck

Hotel 65, Tel Aviv, Israel

Hotel 65 | picture credit: @65hotel

Chiltern Firehouse, London, UK

Chiltern Firehouse | picture credit: @thechindofoodie

Hotel Café Royal, London, UK

Hotel Café Royal | picture credit: @bei.bei.wei

Hotel Mamilla, Jerusalem, Israel
Hotel Mamilla | picture credit: @mamillahotel

The Four Seasons, Milan, Italy

The Four Seasons Milan | picture credit: @_hollyt
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