Veg-friendly Berlin Eats

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A weekend in Berlin (or in our case Wednesday through Friday, which is the same amount of days, but does not sound as good for some reason) treated us to some good eats. We might have deliberately sought them out, because…

–   we both enjoy aesthetic dining and good food (who doesn’t?)

–   I am a vegetarian-transitioning-to-vegan and need to plan my dining options accordingly, so I don’t end up having a side salad for lunch

… (actually, both are true) and I will now share our favourites with you. 

All of them include a combination of some vegetarian/vegan options and a tasty meal for your carnivorous travel counterpart. 

If you are looking for a wholesome breakfast/brunch/coffee place:

I am 100% the person who enjoys aesthetically pleasing surroundings, and shameful to admit , but it definitely influences my dining experience. What is more, we took extra time picking the places to start off our morning because we absolutely love brunch – good coffee, reasonable wake-up time and avocado? Yes please. 

House of Small Wonder
$$ | Johannisstrasse 20,10117 Berlin | @houseofsmallwonderberlin
Best for coffee/breakfast/brunch | Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and GF

Opened in 2010 in Williamsburg Brooklyn, the HOSW soon became a popular breakfast, brunch and pastry location. The same happened when in 2014, The House of Small Wonder opened its Berlin location. Located on the quiet Johannisstrasse, just off the bustling Friedrichstrasse, it has a very similar warm atmosphere: lots of wood, lots of plants and follows a similar concept: freshly prepared comfort food with organic, local ingredients. Homemade bread, croissants and pastries are all freshly baked throughout the day.

Check out their brunch menu here, and (newly, as of 2019) their dinner menu here


Picture Credit @http.zuzana

$$ | Torstrasse 178,10115 Berlin | @mintysberlin
Best for coffee/breakfast/brunch | Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and GF 

Located at Torstrasse 178, 10115 this coffee shop and brunch place offers amazing coffee with plant-milk options, vegan pastries and delicious avocado/eggs combos. 

Picture Credit @http.zuzana

Picture Credit @http.zuzana

If you are looking for a light lunch/salad bowl place: 

I was in Berlin just a week or so ago (beginning of August), and the heat was unbearable. I am a pretty pasty person, and the heat level that is unbearable to me, might not be so horrible to many others, so adjust accordingly – you might not be repulsed by eating, when the sun is frying your head. But I am generally not too hungry when it’s warm outside, so we went for light lunch options. These places serve a variety of bowls and salads, which you can even mix up yourself, so everyone in your travel party will be happy. They both also serve organic ice-teas and lemonades. 

Beets & Roots
$$ | Große Hamburger Str. 38, 10115 Berlin | @beetsandroots
Best for lunch/dinner | Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and GF 

They offer a variety of wraps, protein bowls and salad bowls, that beat the ordinary lettuce and veggies side-dish fiasco, that is some restaurants’ veggie option. Check out their fully customisable menu here


Picture Credit @http.zuzana
Dean & David 
$$ | Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 7, 10178 Berlin, Germany | @dean_and_david
Best for lunch/dinner | Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and GF 

Similarly bowl-oriented is this healthy nook located just off Alexanderplatz. 

Bowl selection at Dean&David | Photo Credit @dean_and_david

If you are looking for dinner options: 

For dinner, after the heat torture and reasonably light lunch, we looked for something special. We really like worldly cuisine, so I think our selection will appeal to the ‘adventurous’. Or anyone willing to try things a short walk out of the box.  

Shiso Burger 
$$ | Auguststr.29c 10119 Berlin | @shisoburger
Best for dinner/lunch | Suitable for vegetarians and GF 

This Asian-American fusion burger joint, was the biggest surprise of the trip. They serve delicious burgers inspired by asian cuisine, complimented by a selection of light Asian beers (we went for Asahi) and with a choice of sweet-potato fries (yes yes yes). I went for the veggie option – a portobello mushroom and blue cheese burger – and my carnivorous counterpart enjoyed a butder with crispy  fried prawn patty. 11/10. 

Check out their full selection here.

Photo Credit @http.zuzana

Photo Credit Shiso

$$ | Oberwallstraße 9, 10117 Berlin | @maloapoke
Best for dinner/lunch | Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and GF 

Are we obsessed with bowls? Pro-bab-ly. 

But we enjoyed this delicious poke in an embankment outdoor bar, with the view of Berlin cathedral soooo. Check out their menu here, you will not be disappointed. They offer a selection of pre-combined bowls (which I went for because I am no culinary mastermind), but you can also build your own bowl – select a base, protein, mix-ins a flavour and violá!, your dream poke bowl. 

SPICY TOFU BOWL for me | Picture Credit Maloa

MOLOKAI SALMON BOWL for my travel bud | Picture Credit Maloa

Thank you Berlin for delicious eats. 

Thank you my friend for letting me choose veg-friendly spots. 


Places covered in the article
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